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12th May 2016, The day I finally published a blog post and had no time to write up again due to my higher secondary examination. After 2 years, when the external examiner asked me about blogging in my Interpersonal Skills Lab Examination in college, I suddenly remembered about the days where I used to write a lot in my blog. Without hesitation, I shared my personal views about blogging and got appreciation from her. Above all, This incident has given me a boost-up to write again! Hereafter I will be sharing my thoughts frequently and request you all to support my forthcoming posts! Cheers!!! ūüėĀ


Need NEET?

“April 11th 2016”¬†the day which became a nightmare for every medical aspiring student in Tamil Nadu. It was the day when the Supreme Court of India restored its move on¬†National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) on this day. The Supreme Court declared NEET illegal and unconstitutional in 2013. But all of a sudden the order was reversed. Many students studying under Equity syllabus here were shocked since the syllabus for this test was based on the CBSE syllabus. The TN government as well as the parents opposed this. But the test was ‘successfully’ conducted on May 1st 2016. Students here din’t even had the time to prepare for the exam. It was like a tsunami which shook everyone and became silent. ¬† ¬†According to Wikipedia,

“The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET-UG is a entrance examination in India, for students who wish to study any graduate medical course (MBBS), dental course (BDS) or postgraduate course (MD / MS) in government or private medical colleges in India.NEET-UG (Undergraduate), for MBBS and BDS courses, will be conducted by the¬†Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). NEET-UG replaced the All India Pre Medical Test (AIPMT) and all individual MBBS exams conducted by states or colleges themselves. However, many colleges and institutes have taken a stay order and conducted private examinations for admission to their MBBS and BDS courses.”

Not only TN;  several states including Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat and West Bengal opposed it but the Supreme Court was stubborn in its order. This has lowered the confidence and increased the anxiety of the students whether they would succeed the exam. This has made to introduce special courses for NEET by many institutions all over TN. Many students enroll to these special courses by paying thousands of Rupees without knowing the methodology of their teaching.

To make things worse, many institutions don’t even refund the money paid. Their ultimate aim is to make money out of these students. Students from other majors/groups have supported this move by the SC but they don’t know in the future there might be compulsory entrance test for arts and science subjects too! Without knowing this non-medical students ¬†mock at them.

Finally I ‘d like to say that, first make the students tough by eradicating rote learning and only then, implement such Entrance tests. Until then, say NO to entrance tests.





When Cyclone dampens Diwali…


Two years ago (in 2013 Diwali), after having a hefty breakfast, I and my father decided to start bursting the crackers. I was busy opening the cracker boxes and my father was removing the thread attached to the firework so that it can ignite quickly. While the process was going on, I heard heavy howls of winds making the trees to dance to its tune. After getting the cool breeze from the wind, a drop of water splashed on my face (At that time I was at the terrace). When I raised my head towards the sky, I was shocked to that frightful scene. The clouds were grayish and it was about to pour. Within a minute, it started raining awfully. The rain showed its cruel face for the whole day without making me to burst even a single cracker.

At last, ¬†at 10:30 pm the rain stopped and I was only able to fire soundless crackers. The bombs and bijli crackers were kept aside as they shouldn’t ¬†be fired after 10:00 pm as per the law enforced. But I tried to break it. After bursting all the soundless crackers, i took the bijli crackers and kept it over ¬†a brick as the road was wet. When i was about to fire it, I heard a voice yelling,”Dei thambi, pathara mani aana pattasu vedikka koodathunnu unakku theriyadha?” (“Hey, Don’t you know that you are not supposed fire any crackers after 10:30 pm? “) This was said by a policeman who was on his rounds. Then immediately I ran into my house and shut my doors. I wasn’t able to come out of that shock for a long time.

Then, those crackers were used only on the next year (2014 Diwali). Only a few fireworks ignited quickly. Other were just dumped into the garbage. But in spite of these tragedies, I enjoyed a lot by having sweets and savories ūüôā So, It wasn’t a worst Diwali for me. But what about others? Those who bought crackers for more than¬†‚āĻ5000 were the losers. Even though Diwali brings happiness and joy to us, most of the time it has ruined it. The only root cause for this was North-East Monsoon Rain (which falls on October/November). At the same time, we cannot deny this rain as this is the only source of water for us (especially for Tamil Nadu, Kerala and some parts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh).

Even this year, Diwali is covered with clouds and winds which might spoilsport our happiness and enjoyment. So, my kind advice is to burn the crackers as soon as possible and don’t look out for “Nalla Neram”¬†to burn crackers.



Marks vs Talents: Which is considered more?

On 21/5/2015,¬† I was eagerly waiting for my results. But before the results were out, some of my relatives and friends started to call me instantly and made my tablet to hang. After checking out my results, I was satisfied with what I got. After that I received calls from many people whom I haven’t met them! And my neighbours came to my house immediately to know my marks. I don’t know why these people are so possessive to know my marks.

After telling my marks to them, some appreciated me and some weren’t happy with my marks. Once upon a time, if anyone scores above 400 out of 500 marks, he was treated like a king and was respected everywhere he goes. But today, as the education system and methodology of correction has changed, this mark became waste.¬†

Scoring 91% marks, I wasn’t appreciated by many. Because they expected more from me. These people never came to help me, never came to talk to me but they were eager to ask my marks. What are they going to do by knowing my marks? And that too, these people tortured other students to give their register number and date of birth so that they themselves can check out the marks.

These people weren’t interested to know the marks from my mouth. When I asked them why, the reply they gave was so stupid and made me abuse them verbally. They said, I may lie by adding some more marks to my original mark. But I ain’t a person like that. By telling a false mark, I am not going to achieve anything. But who understands me?

This is the case where every 10/12 th grade student in India faces this situation. The student’s parents will be calm. But their friends and relatives won’t let them calm as well as us. If they find a person getting low marks, instead of advising them, the compare him/her with their neighbour’s son/daughter. Here the student gets sad and can’t control his/her emotions. So they take a wrong step, that is ending their life by committing suicide. This year near 10 students committed suicide for scoring low marks in their 12th grade examinations. Here many of them have scored 950 and above out of 1200.

This isn’t a bad mark. But their parents and relatives start to scold them for this marks and the students can’t take this easily. Here, the worse situation is that, if anyone fails in the examination,¬† he is considered as an illiterate and foolish. And doesn’t knows anything. This is the mindset of everyone in our country.

Meanwhile if anyone gets more marks, they are considered intelligent and they are super smart in everything. These are the two stereotypes which spoils every student’s life, where a person is adjudged by his marks and not by his talents. A person will be good in singing, dancing or good in any other sport. But won’t be considered for his low marks. Another side,¬† a person would be good-for-nothing and doesn’t have logical thinking but he/she would be considered more for his/her high marks.

I don’t know why these people do like this. Does scoring marks is important in life? No. Today most of the people who are in limelight are low scorers and dropouts.¬† The one which scored well are working under them for monthly wages. But who understands this fact? None.

I conclude this post by saying that, marks aren’t an IQ certificate. It just gives a reply to what we have written on the paper. Talents are the one which makes to succeed in life. Without showcasing our talents, we can’t do anything in this world to survive. Marks may give us respect and jobs, but it can’t decide our life.

So if your parents force you to study more and prevent you from doing other works like playing your favourite game, singing, dancing etc. don’t bother and do what your heart follows. But I won’t say you should not study. Yes, studies is important. But showing your talent in a particular field is more important than ever.

So study well, play well and do what your heart wants to do.

6th Anniversary of Sri Lankan Civil War: The Unspoken Truth

30 Years ago, Sri Lanka, the land which was calm and beautiful during the British period, slowly turned into a blood flowing river. This was never expected by anyone in this island. J R Jayawardena, former President of Sri Lanka, thought “Namo Namo Matha” will create problems due to its wrong Gaana. But after changing the national anthem to “Sri Lanka Matha”, he never expected the main problem would start.  The Civil War. It was a nightmare for everyone there. The shops belonged to the tamils, were vandalised and destroyedtn by the sinhala extremists and started to kill them mercilessly. And the tamils formed some groups to teach a lesson to the sinhalese extremists. So like this, everyone started to fight each and killed themselves. What’s the use of doing this? What was the outcome of the war? Nothing. Only millions and millions of innocent people lost their lives because of these extremists.

There was a small intolerance between the Sinhalese and the Tamils from the Independence in 1948. But it was not worse. They lived like brothers and sisters. But its because of one who created this mishap. Julius Richard Jayawardena, he is the one who created the “Sinhala only act” where Sinhala will be the only mandatory language used in Sri Lanka and nothing else. This made the Tamils and the Moors (Muslims) angry and fought against this. Even some Sinhalese objected this act and supported secularism. This paved way for a civil war and the things changed drastically.

It became worse after the assassination of tamil prisoners in Wellikada prison in July 1984. This made the tamils angry and some did hunger strike. Here, Dileepan, the leader of the hunger strike died after 12 days. This made the situation worse and LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) was established and demanded a free state for tamils, The Tamil Eelam. But, LTTE did not support the people with other basic amenities and their only thought was waging war against the Sri Lankan Army. Vellupillai Prabakaran and his cadres assasinated many leaders including the then Prime minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi in 1991, for sending the IPKF (Indian Peace Keeping Force) to kill LTTE soldiers. Here is a list of Political Leaders assassinated by LTTE.


The Flag of LTTE

Political figures assassinated by LTTE

Position                                              Status Number
President of Sri Lanka                                1
Ex- Prime Minister of India                        1
Presidential candidate                                1
Leaders of political parties                        10
Cabinet Ministers                                        7
Members of Parliament                              37
Members of Provincial Councils                   6
Members of Pradeshiya Sabha                  22
Political Party Organisers                          17
Mayors                                                         4

Here, LTTE also assassinated some Tamil leaders who did not support the separation of free state. The LTTE did not support the tamil people’s basic rights and their only aim was to create a separate state. This was also the failure of LTTE. When China helped the Sri Lankan Army with powerful weapons, the LTTE became weak and started to lose its territories. On 16th May 2009, the Sri Lankan Army defeated the LTTE. On the next day (17th) it confirmed the death of Vellupillai Prabakaran. On 19th May 2009, the then President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa,  announced in the parliament the Sri Lankan Civil War ended with the death of Vellupillai Prabakaran.

After the end, many LTTE cadres were killed and the worst one was, the death of Prabakaran’s youngest son. He was killed mercilessly by the Army. He was just 11-12 years old at the time of death. Many people condemned it and started to attack the Sinhalese tourists in Tamil Nadu. The Sinhala Buddhist monks were attacked by the Naam Tamilar party members in Tanjore when they visited the Brihadeeswarar Temple.

Now, after 6 years, the people are living happily there and the tamils are slowly forgetting this problem. But still there are some idiots, who are against the innocent Tamils living there. The present Maithripala Sirisena’s government has given away their land which they left over during the civil war. Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, renovated the Jaffna Railway station and waved the green flag. There are some mysteries surrounded regarding the civil war. The LTTE was given millions of Rupees by Mahinda Rajapaksa so that the Tamils are stopped from voting in the 2005 presidential election. If this wasn’t happened, then present Prime minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe, would have been chosen as the president and he would have ended it without the loss of innocent lives. But the times have changed and it has been 6 years now. There is no use of talking about, who is the one who paved the way for this civil war.

Now, the Sri Lankan government should give some exceptions to the minorities so that they can live peacefully and equally without any social unrest. The only way to develop a country is by making it socially and politically equal.

I conclude this post by paying my deepest condolences to those who lost their lives during the Civil war. My only wish for now is that, in the future there mustn’t be any civil wars or any other wars to start and the earth should turn into a peaceful place to live in.

Child Marriage: The Invisible Devil that still Exists

Child Marriage, this was the most vulnerable social stigma in the medieval period. The British people are the ones who bought the Child Marriage Abolition Act to stop this evil practice. Here, Raja Rammohan Roy, the King of Bengal was also the one who supported this law and encouraged widow remarriage too. He was the first king to abolish Sati ( a practice in which a widowed woman commits suicide by fire , typically on the husband’s funeral pyre). Eventhough we are in the 21st century, this practice hasn’t stopped. It is more prevalent in North India and some parts in South India.

Since 1978, the minimum age of marriage in India has been fixed at 18 years for girls and 21 years for boys, but child marriage remains prevalent. Here, most of the people getting married at young age are girls. This is because of the superstitious beliefs of their family and due to proverty. According to the Shariat law followed by the Muslims, a girl can marry at the age of 12 or 13 itself. This has caused a lot of tension for the government. Here, the below proverty line Muslims who don’t know what to do , make their daughters to marry at this young age so that they get some money.

This is the main reason for child marriage. Where the parents don’t know what will they do by educating their daughters and make them to marry at a very young age. The girls who get married at a very young age are vulnerable to severe health issues and tortures by their in-laws. This is the age where a girl attains puberty and the development of Uterus occurs. But before that they get married and their life is spoiled. Nearly 41% of the girls under 19 years of age are married in our country.


This statistics shows the percentage of child marriages in each state of our country.

Recently released census data reveals shocking statistics about child marriage. In 2011, there were over 27 lakh children in the 10-14 age group, overwhelmingly girls, who were married. Uttar Pradesh had the largest number of such children and was followed by Maharashtra, Bihar and Rajasthan each having over 2 lakh such children. The data also showed that about 1.7 lakh children in this tender age group were already widowed, separated or divorced.

We can’t say child marriages are happening only in remote villages, but also in urban towns too. The groom’s parents also demand dowry from the bride’s parents in spite of being poor. Or else, the girl is tortured by everyone in the family both physically and sexually. Some girls also commit suicide due to the torture of the groom’s family.

The government is also keen in this issue and awards imprisonment for those who hold or organize child marriage. Here in Tamil Nadu, nearly 80 cases were found in the year 2014. But all those marriages were stopped by the police and the guilty were punished severely. But in states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Orissa, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, the child marriages are still prevalent and is held in front of the village panchayat. None can dare to complain them to the police. The villagers may hurt or kill the policemen, who try to stop this child marriage. In Kerala too, the previous year experienced a lot of child marriages.


Top 25 countries where child marriage is still prevalent.

Most of the girls, are made to discontinue their studies only because of child marriage. So, they have no idea about marrying at a very young age and then face the consequences. But some marriages are successfully stopped by the help of the girl’s teachers and the policemen.

The only way to solve this problem is by educating the children and we must try to convince the parents who want to make their children marry at a very young age by telling the ill effects of child marriage. The teachers should also take keen interest in explaining about the ill effects of child marriage to their students. This is the only way to abolish this devil forever.

So, say no to Child marriage and support them to study well.

News Courtesy: The Times of India

Chennai in 2000: A Rewind

Chennai is one of the best and the happiest city in the world. Our city has grown up well and many skyscrapers are on construction. The Metro Train is an add up for the development of Chennai. But it has lost its beauty due to pollution and by demolishing iconic buildings. The beauty which I saw 15 years ago cannot match with today’s chennai. Fifteen years ago, we had Dasaprakash hall, Rajaratnam Stadium, Kalavanar Arangam, Melody Theatre, Star Theatre and many more. But today, these beautiful buildings have been demolished to construct new apartments luxurious villas.

It was the time when wall painted advertisements decreased due to the popularity of digital banners. The banners were also an identity of our city. This is because, those days, banners were lifted only for advertising and not for private or political use. The information in the banners are logical and thought provoking. The graphics used in those banners are less. But still, it kindles my heart.

Many TV channels were established in this year and people started to watch channels other than DD National. Sun TV was the one and only tamil channel which was familiar all over India for its famous Tele Dramas and Game shows. It was the first tamil channel to introduce dance shows and singing shows. Thillana Thillana, Paatukku Paatu, Comedy time, Swapthaswarangal were a few famous shows which acclaimed a lot of viewers.

It was the time when there was a heavy competition between Cellular ( Mobile) Phones and Pagers. Those who can’t afford a cell phone, bought a pager. But unfortunately, it was the same year where cheap cell phones were introduced and it gave a big blow to Pager sales. Immediately Motorola (The famous Pager manufacturing company at that time) stopped its sales and started to manufacture cell phones to boost their profit.

The number of movies released was more than the previous years and most of the films released in this period were famous. The songs in these movies are an all time favourite for everyone till now. Many actors were introduced in this year.  The songs gained a good response from the people and many cassette shops were opened.

At that time, tape recorders and walkman are the only source to listen music. That’s why, there were cassette shops everywhere you go. The introduction of DVD’s and VCD’s attracted people, but they were costly compared to cassettes. But cassettes were the ones which ruled everyone.

The establishment of Internet caf√©s, made people to chat with friends and to browse the internet. All the computer students that time, had a floppy disk, which is considered to be a pride owning it. The number of Personal computers bought in this year was high compared to the 1990’s.

This was also the year where people started to wear western outfits other than Indian outfits. It was also the golden age for students, where most of the schools and colleges started to establish Computer labs and Computer science became a famous subject for everyone.

Eventhough, we had cell phones, the local STD/PCO booths were the main source to call a person as the cell phone tariff was high at that time. You must have seen at least 1 or 2 booths in every street.

Cellular networks like RPG, Hutch and Skycell were established and gained more popularity. People showed interest to buy these sim cards and Hutch succeeded the other two competitors by introducing value added packs and other sms plans.

The MTC buses changed their name from Pallavan Transport to Managaratchi Perundhu (Corporation Bus). All these buses became big and were uniformly green in colour. It was a boon for car sales and many people became rich in this year.

In this millennium year, there were a lot of happiness and good things that happened were no match to this problem. That is, the heavy water scarcity in our city. The Metro water carried water in tanks and people use to carry water by plastic/eversilver vessels. I still remember, a guy from neighbourhood,  will give us a signal that the water tank has come and we will be ready carring those vessels. Sometimes, there will be a fight between the water supplier and the water consumer for pouring less water.

This was a serious issue at that time. People struggled a lot without having water for bathing and cleaning their loo. Then the government introduced Rain water harvesting system and that made to increase more ground water and establishing this system was made compulsory for all the buildings. The CMDA won’t approve your building, unless you have a Rainwater Harvesting system.

This was the year were the Chennaites felt both happy and sad. But in my opinion, this was the best time for Chennai and me. It was the time, my parents take me to different places and my dad used to take me to a round in the night. I miss those days a lot.

We were happy with what we had. It may be a walkman or a cd player or a camera (with film rolls), we did not expect anything more other than these gadgets. As the years passed by, many buildings were demolished to construct new residential apartments and shopping malls. The places where I enjoyed a lot are no more today. The Metro Train project commenced on 2010 and many trees were cut down to lay the tracks. Some buildings were also demolished to build new metro station.

Today, we have everything we need or more than what we need, but still we want more and more. This possession is caused due to the modern gadgets that are newly released everyday. Today, our city may have more cinema theatres, shopping malls, fly-overs, residential apartments and villas, but still, I miss those beautiful days. I wish I could travel in a Time Machine to catch a glimpse of my past.